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There's a time-worn adage about good things coming to those who wait, and another hoary old chestnut about Rome taking a long time to build, and another one about never judging a software company until you have walked a mile in their moccasins and coded a 3D engine with real terrain, real physics, and nut-crushing lightning effects. So cut us a little slack, jack.

Courtesy of Faisal's Quote File

Charlton Heston, proud gun owner.
© 1999 Tom Tomorrow
Andrew's Open Letter to Representatives and Senators About the DMCA
...offering still more proof that the Home Shopping Network is not the only place where dolts go to buy putrid crap!
We love you, Tammy Faye!.
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  Andrew's letter about DNA databases that was published in the New York Times  
The Lego TM Computer

Devil ducky!
Even though Helga was different, she had somehow convinced herself that there was a place in society for her.
© 1999 Angus Oblong
catscan -- CueCat barcode scanner decoder

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