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When you cease to believe that you're Nobody and you begin to believe that you might be Somebody, this is considered proof of severe mental disturbance, and you become a candidate for sedation at this point, because usually the discovery that you're Somebody excites you into inappropriate states of arousal, which means you interfere with other people's being asleep, and you run around trying to inform them of the true nature of things.....The only conjuration against that developing into a problem is Humour. You have to have a completely jaundiced view of reality; you can't take anything seriously, including your own most serious constructs and expectations, because it is ultimately some kind of joke.
-Terence McKenna

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Charlton Heston, proud gun owner.
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Andrew's Open Letter to Representatives and Senators About the DMCA
...offering still more proof that the Home Shopping Network is not the only place where dolts go to buy putrid crap!
We love you, Tammy Faye!.
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  Andrew's letter about DNA databases that was published in the New York Times  
The Lego TM Computer

Devil ducky!
Even though Helga was different, she had somehow convinced herself that there was a place in society for her.
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